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Diaper balm vs Tallow balm

Diaper balm vs Tallow balm

I’ve been asked a few times if my tallow balm can be used to treat to diaper rash. The short answer is yes, a simple tallow moisturizer can treat diaper rash, however it doesn’t act as a moisture barrier and that’s why I recommend using our diaper balm.

When I first started my non-toxic journey, I used a simple tallow moisturizer in place of store bought diaper cream. It was safer for my kids and it worked. At the time I was using bamboo disposable diapers which were great since they didn’t irritate my two toddlers’ sensitive skin. The only issue with them was that they always left behind little bits of fabric that stuck to the skin and were very frustrating to get off. I found that when I used the tallow balm it prevented the sticking, but since tallow balm doesn’t create a strong moisture barrier, I had to change diapers frequently of the kids would still get a rash.

Even though tallow doesn’t block moisture from the skin, it’s still has such amazing anti inflammatory properties that it can often clear up a minor rash with a single application. Just like when using it in place of lotion, the balm is extremely efficient so you only need a small pea sized amount, or finger tip scoop. At the next diaper change you’ll generally notice less redness and irritation.

Tallow balm is a really effective diaper rash treatment, but it’s just not great at prevention since it doesn’t keep moisture off the skin. Once I realized that, I got to work researching and realized that beeswax makes for an excellent barrier that’ll keep baby dry and still maintains all the benefits of tallow + some (more on that in a different post). I adjusted my tallow formula and removed the Shea butter for a softer more creamy texture, then I added beeswax.

I already knew tallow balm was an excellent diaper cream and swapping the Shea butter with beeswax didn’t change that. The big difference between using a tallow moisturizer and a tallow diaper balm really comes down to time between changes. With a simple tallow balm I recommend changing your baby as soon you notice they’re soiled. Since the balm doesn’t provide a good moisture barrier any wetness in the diaper will dry out baby’s skin and leave them dry and inflamed. Applying more tallow will take care of that, but with my diaper balm you have more flexibility.

I never advocate for leaving kids in their waste, but if you need to finish dishes first, our diaper balm will protect your baby’s skin. Long car rides? No problem! Out on a walk and there’s not a good place to change? You have time. With all that said, I still stand by using Tallow moisturizer as a diaper balm, but if you ask me which product is best for the job, it’s definitely the diaper balm.