Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use tallow for?

Unscented Tallow can be used on dry skin, chapped lips, chapped nipples from breastfeeding, eczema, psoriasis, diaper rash, chafing, burns, pain management, cracked heels, callouses, cracked & sun-damaged skin, age spots, rashes, itching, athletes foot, jock itch, rosacea, wrinkles, scrapes, scratches, stretch marks, c-section scars, keratosis pilaris, cradle cap, pet hot spots, new tattoos, acne, soothing aftershave and so much more.

Tallow with essential oils should not be used on lips or nipples if breastfeeding.

Will I smell like beef?

Nope! We hesitated to try tallow because we were concerned about this at first, but even our unscented tallow doesn't smell or leave you smelling like beef.

Where do you source your tallow?

We get our beef suet from a local farm that raises grass fed and finished cattle. We then slow render the suet to ensure that the tallow retains all the vitamins and nutrients needed to give your skin the best possible benefits.

Why do you use coconut oil?

We use coconut oil because like tallow, it contains vitamin E which is known as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that helps to tighten, plump, and repair skin. The high level of MCTs (Medium-chain triglycerides) also make coconut oil antimicrobial and great for treating acne prone skin and irritation. Coconut oil also hydrates the skin and helps it retain moisture. It helps to promote wound healing, and has antibacterial properties. Coconut oil can also help prevent skin aging and wrinkles. Because of these reasons and more, we decided to add coconut oil to our products.

Why do you add Shea butter?

We include Shea butter because it has many of the same benefits as tallow and coconut oil, but achieves them differently. This makes our products more effective at providing relief from inflammation and itching. As well as helpful for a wider variety of skin types.

Where do you get your essential oils from?

We use essential oils from Plant Therapy because they are pure and high quality. Plant Therapy's high level of transparency, affordability, and ethical business practices make us proud to trust them with our essential oil needs.

What kind of materials do you use to produce your products?

As we brand we want to provide non-toxic products to our customers, so only use stainless steel and silicon tools in the production process.

Do you use your own products?


Why is your tallow 50% cheaper than most other brands?

Our tallow is cheaper because we wanted to make tallow products more affordable so that more people can enjoy nontoxic skin care and personal care products.

Are your tallow moisturizers safe to use on Babies?

While all of our tallow products are safe to use on children, we strongly recommend using our Unscented tallow on babies under a year or if using the tallow as a diaper cream or nipple balm.

What is the shelf life of tallow?

Tallow is shelf stable and last in a sealed container for up to a year. All of our tallow products come with a use by date on the label.