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Magnesium Deodorant Spray

Magnesium Deodorant Spray

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All skin types


  • Pure magnesium chloride flakes
  • Water


For best results, spray 3-5 times under each arm once a day.

Use after a bath, but never after shaving. Product may burn if you are magnesium deficient, or if applied to freshly shaven skin.

Because most people are magnesium deficient, it is normal for this product to burn initially. The burning/stinging sensation will last only for a few minutes, and will stop completely after a few days, or in some cases a few weeks of consistent use.

Uses for Magnesium Deodorant spray

Spray Magnesium Deodorant under each arm 3-5 times to reduce body odor.

Spray on legs or arms to relieve muscle cramps and soreness. You can also use it to help calm restless legs.

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Q: How does this spray work?

A: Magnesium helps your body break down toxins. When you're magnesium deficient your body isn't able to break down the toxins as well so as they are expelled through sweat glands, you stink. By raising your Magnesium levels, your bodies ability to break down toxins is restored and your sweat returns to being odorless.

Q: Can I use this on a child?

A: Yes, the spray is safe for children. Magnesium is found naturally in the human body and our bodies need it for many different processes. Just keep in mind that if the child has a magnesium deficiency, then the spray will burn until their magnesium levels improve.

Q: Is it safe to use on other parts of the body besides under arms?

A: Absolutely! Don't spray it on your face, mouth, open wounds, or any bodily orifice as it will sting and burn, but you can use magnesium spray on your legs, arms, and stomach to help sooth muscle cramps, restless legs, and sore muscles.

Q: How long does this spray last?

A: There is no specific expiration date for Magnesium Spray. One bottle can last six months or more depending on use.