Diaper Balm

Diaper Balm

If you ask which of my products is my favorite, I’d have to tell you it’s a tough a question to answer. The bug spray keeps pest away and makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors, especially since my youngest daughter has developed an irrational fear of bugs. My Tallow balm is the product that we started with and it’s been so wonderful I sometimes ask myself why I waited so long to try it. Ditching anti-perspirants for my Magnesium deodorant has been one of my best decisions, but I think my Diaper Balm is quickly becoming the top favorite!

My Diaper Balm is formulated with 100% grass fed and finished beef tallow, unrefined coconut oil, and beeswax. All of these ingredients have wonderful benefits for your skin, but when combined they make a balm that is really the only wound care you’ll ever need (for everyday scrapes and minor wounds. Not the serious stuff.) When I initially made the balm I was only focused on a making a good diaper rash preventative and didn’t realize just how versatile the balm was going to be.

At this point I use my diaper balm for any cuts, scrapes, and scratches my kids get. It aids healing through high anti inflammatory, anti microbial and antioxidant properties, plus acts as a barrier to keep the harmful microbes out. You don’t need to use a lot at all, just a small dab. Seriously, if you use too much you’ll end up needing napkins to wipe it off.

Oh and incase you hadn’t noticed yet, I use the same ingredients for my lip balm. The main difference between the two products is the container they are stored in. My Lip balm is packaged for portability and easy application to the lips, but if you really wanted to, you could use the two products interchangeably. I personally don’t since I prefer the convenience of the Lip Balm.

So beyond just providing a barrier, this balm is highly moisturizing and nourishing to the skin. It’ll leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and flexible. I have chronically dry lips year round, but this balm keeps them feeling great! It clears up diaper balm a bit better/faster than a simple Tallow moisturizer and can even help prevent it when used preemptively. It may even be better for eczema than a standard Tallow moisturizer. That’s because the beeswax doesn’t just lock moisture out, but also helps prevent moisture loss.

There is also a study that found a mixture of Beeswax and olive oil helped second degree burns to recover more quickly. I haven’t personally tested this claim, and I don’t use olive oil in my products since they generally come out greasy if I do, but based on my understanding of the ingredients I expect this diaper balm would also provide similar burn relief.


Maybe I should’ve called it beeswax tallow balm, or multi-purpose balm, but let me just say that I absolutely love this product. To be clear, there are a few things I don’t love 100% about it. The texture is probably my least favorite thing about this balm since it feels similar to something like petroleum jelly. It feels fine on the lips and when applied to small areas, but I won’t use it as a fully body moisturizer because I don’t like the texture. Also, as I said earlier, if you use too much you’ll need napkins or diaper wipes to get the excess off. It wipes off easily, but your skin can only absorb so much.

At some point I definitely want to try and make an improved version of this that I can use as an all purpose balm, but for now it’s spot treatments only.

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