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Magnesium Spray

Did you know that it’s actually good to sweat? Sweat helps keep you cool and lets you know it’s time for a drink of water or to seek some shade. Sweat can also help filter some toxins from your body. That’s why I won’t use an antiperspirant, but no one wants to stink, so how do you handle that?

Magnesium Spray as a deodorant

There’s an actually a super simple solution to body order and it starts with understanding a little bit about how the body works. Magnesium plays a crucial role in breaking down toxins released through sweat glands, but it’s estimated 75-90% of people are actually magnesium deficient. When you are magnesium deficient, your body doesn’t breakdown sweat into carbon dioxide and water, but instead into different sulfur compounds which can smell like rotten eggs or garlic.

Magnesium can also inhibit Oder causing bacterial growth on your skin and help to balance your bodies PH. Another added benefit of using magnesium spray as a deodorant is that it doesn’t leave stains on clothes, dry out your skin, and its effects are long lasting.

Other benefits

Magnesium spray has some other wonderful benefits as well. For example, you can use it to sooth muscle cramps, help calm restless legs or even to help you fall asleep more easily. Your body needs magnesium for so many things, and you can get your daily dose just by using the spray once a day.

When you first start using magnesium spray it’s very likely to burn, if it does that just means you’re magnesium deficient. It can also burn when applied to arm pits if you have been using an aluminum deodorant or antiperspirant. The stinging sensation will last only a few minutes and after a few days - a few weeks of consistent use, you won’t experience this sting at all. To help ease the burning while you get your magnesium levels up, you can rub on a little bit of unscented tallow.

If you plan to use Magnesium Spray for restless legs, sleep, or muscle cramps, then I recommend trying the lavender scent to help enhance the calming effects.