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Cologne Roller

Cologne Roller

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This cologne roller is a great choice for those looking for a subtle, yet long lasting scent. It is made with real plant extracts, diluted in fractionated coconut oil at a 5% dilution ratio. The Woodland Trail scent is ideal for men who want to capture the scent of nature with the perfect blend of subtle and long-lasting aromas. Our cologne roller adds a masculine touch that you can rely on to last all day.


    • Fractionated coconut oil
    • Essential oil blend (Contains the essential oils of Palmarosa, Lemon, Patchouli, Coriander, Grapefruit Pink , Cypress, Bergamot, Tea Tree, Ho Wood, Lemongrass, Clove Bud, and Ylang Ylang complete.)


This product contains Fractionated Coconut Oil which may trigger a reaction in people with coconut allergies.

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Ideal for

All skin types


  • Fractionated coconut oil
  • Pure essential oil or essential oil blends. (We use Plant therapy for all essential oils and blends.)


Our Cologne Rollers are formulated to provide a gentle scent for you to enjoy. Roll the ball once over each wrist then dab your wrists on your neck for a subtle personal fragrance.

You can reapply as necessary, or apply a small amount more. If strong smells cause you headaches, the method above is the best way to apply and using more may result in a headache.

Uses for Cologne Roller

You can use our Cologne Rollers to provide gentle fragrance and complement our Magnesium deodorant.


Q: Will these cause a headache?

A: If used according to the directions, no. However, if you apply too much at once they can still cause headaches.

Q: Can I use this on my clothes?

A: I wouldn't recommend applying directly to clothes because even with the low dilution ratio essential oils can still stain clothes. Plant Therapy makes very high quality essential oils that safe for use directly on skin. All of these are kid safe as well. (Ages 3+)

Q: Can I put these on my toddler?

A: My recommendation is no.